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Angeela Poudel

Hello, I am Angeela Poudel.I am 19 years old and currently a Neuroscience student aiming to join a medical school and study dermatology in the next few years. Alongside my part-time job, I volunteer at Methodist Hospital in my free time. Driven by my eagerness to be a part of something great, I consider myself hard-working and compassionate. As I grew up in Nepal, I was highly fascinated and influenced by our Nepalese culture and lifestyle which encouraged me to participate in this pageantry. Apart from providing me an opportunity to typify my homeland in the diverse United States of America, I believe this pageantry will also provide me a platform to use my knowledge and energy for enhancement of healthcare in my nation. 

Youth Ambassador: Angeela Poudel
Youth play one of the most significant roles in development of the nation. I believe that they are the social actors of change and progress. This is a great opportunity for youths like me to add efforts in such progressive movements. As a Youth ambassador, I aspire to draw more attention from youths of the nation to diverse work done by our organization and use their energy and determination for the right cause. I believe it’s important that the youth not only recognize such works but also collaborate in it. I will promote volunteer events through this organization mostly in an online platform that will provide opportunities for youth to support such actions.
Apart from promoting volunteer events, I also aspire to work along other organizations that involve youths development of the nation, particularly in health sector.

Neliya Gurung

I Neliya Gurung, am currently pursuing my Master's degree in Computer Science at Lamar University. As a Vice President of Nepalese Student Association at Lamar University, I have seen the countless struggles incoming Nepali students face in this land of opportunity. My vision is to create a strong supportive community for the incoming Nepalese American youth to provide judicial, economical and most importantly mental support in the difficulties they face. My motto in entering this competition is to come out as the best version of myself and with this I hope to make everyone proud.

Youth Ambassador: Neliya Gurung
Soarway foundation has been working in partnership with the people of Nepal to help create a more resilient nation, — a stronger and safer nation — and in the process preserve a culture that is a treasure for the world. I strongly believe in this mission and would be humbled to serve my country as the Youth Ambassador of Soarway Foundation. On undertaking this role, I will work on increasing awareness for disaster risk reduction and preparedness through education, identify opportunities for engaging the local community and build meaningful relationships and partnerships with individuals in our community. The amazing projects that Soarway is in partnership with such as the Sagarmatha Children’s Home which supports at risk children or Kathmandu Fire Station which is invested in revamping our fire station, would not be possible without the generous support of well wishers of Nepal. Hence, to continue our strong partnership with such local projects, I will also work on identifying and developing potential fundraising opportunities to support the Soarway mission. My endeavor will be to promote Soarway Foundation, it's mission and to garner public interest in all the different local projects we are undertaking.

Sushana Pokharel

I am Sushana Pokharel, representing Los Angeles, California. I am a second year college student and my major is biology and I aspire to become a future doctor. My hobbies include dancing, painting and promoting my Nepali culture in the US. Also, I am grateful to be given such a wonderful opportunity to empower youth and promote my beautiful country Nepal.

Youth Ambassador: Sushana Pokharel
As a youth ambassador of the Soarway Foundation, I want to affect people both at the local and global level. I want to create a network of contacts with journalist and other organizations which will help me to inspire and make proactive the youth of Nepal by integrating them into children’s and women’s empowerment causes. I want to conduct activities/workshop to empower the rural community youth and also want to aware people about the importance of abolishing Chhaupadi Pratha, breaking the stigma of menstruation in rural Nepal. Furthermore, I also, want to spread awareness, understanding, and acceptance of people with autism through advocacy and awareness programs. 

© Copyright 2018 Miss Public Choice, Miss Nepal US 2018